The CSC 3000 is a digital speed laser camera, the unit has built in GPS and Wifi, and can be upgraded with an optional 3G moderm. The CSC 3000 is compact and lightweight, and can be controlled remotely.

The CSC camera unit transfers data to the CSC tablet wirelessly, as the CSC camera unit captures a speeding vehicle the image is sent to the tablet, where the officer can inspect the quality of the image and automatically sync the images to the back office image processing centre.

The camera has a built in 128gb storage unit, all images are stored on the camera, and can be later gathered in the event that images have not successful synced or operations requires audit.

CSC Camera Specifications

- 5 Inch touch screen

- Built-In GPS

- External dual LED Flash

- Image Quality HD (1980x1080) / (1280x720)

- Built-In ANPR Engine

- Control camera remotely

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