MTM - Mobile Traffic Management

Designed to assist municipalities/metros in enhancing road safety by increasing officer’s productivity, provide a platform for accurate information capturing and speeding up the infringement process. MTM reduces processing costs by introducing a paperless system, decrease errors while capturing and also increase the infringement notices captured. MTM incorporates a wide range of services that assists officers in apprehending offenders faster and efficiently, services such as Road Block Assist and Mobile Payments. MTM provides officers with a real time connection to your back end contravention system and other platforms such as e-Natis. MTM has been approved by local DPP in South Africa, and operates of the highest standards.

MTM e-Citations Benefits


MTM removes the ability to capture errors on the control document, the system uses information scanner from the offenders drivers license and/or vehicle to automatically gather the offenders latest information. Scanned or captured offenders ID number or vehicle license registration number is used the automatically search for the offenders lastest information, including outstanding fines or warrants. This reduces error capturing to 0%, all information submitted to the backoffice is 100% correct, and the printed traffic fine is clear and correct.


Collection while on duty - The MTM solution is automatically monitoring for outstanding fines, warrants and pending summons, the device inform the officer in the field. Everything an officer does a random check, stop and go or issues a traffic fine, the offender will be presented with all his/ her outstanding fines, and all outstanding warrants. MTM provides officers with key information, where as without MTM officers will not be able to detect offenders with executable warrants.


Road accidents cost countries millions in revenue every year. While MTM does not stop road accidents from happening, it does play a role in limiting accidents from occuring. MTM checks for fake or cloned license drivers, vehicle registration disks, stolen vehicles and, MTM is a multi-link platform, devices communicate to each other in near real-time. Therefore, MTM lets officers know if the offender was stopped or issued a traffic earlier in the day, letting the offender know that all offences are visible no matter where the offence takes place.


Analytics is key in any sector or industry, MTM's analytics engine provides a wealth of statisicaly information that can be used to enhance road safety, revenue collection and services. MTM analytics looks are revenuce collection patterns, road safety improvement zones, officer performance and key areas linked to the type of offences. MTM hosts a wide range of reports and dashboards, and has the ability to include custom reports and dashboards. The MTM analytics engine provide daily, weekly, monthly, annual and custom date time reporting, and reports can be exported to PDF and Excel.


MTM increase productivity in many ways, such as; traffic fines are uploaded directly into the back-office system from the MTM device, officers are able to search for offenders records in the field, the average time taken to capture a fines is reduces by more then 50%, no need to order traffic fine books, no more managing lost or stolen traffic fine books, and lot more. MTM reduces the man hours to operate a back-office to full capacity and allows valuable resources to be redeployed to other regions or sectors.


MTM is friendly to the environment, no more wasted paper. MTM stores all records electronically and is avalible at a click of the button. Limiting paper saves on the expense of purchasing new traffic fine books each year, therefore decreasing your carbon footprint.

MTM FUNCTIONS (please note depended on country)


Issue Section 56, handwritten 341 or AARTO notice


Provides the officer with the ability to view the offenders history of offences, and allows the officer to take a card payment. (payment is country dependent)


Air notification lets the back-office to beam information, images or videos to the MTM device. The information can be used to assist the officers locate a criminal, stolen vehicle, etc.


Accident reports can be captured directly onto the MTM device, MTM can also capture images and videos and the scene. Accident reports are automatically updated to the Accident Pro system. The system automatically drafts the accident reports into the accident form.

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