Parameter Entry is an access management solution that uses mobile devices to capture visitors information, flag visitors and share suspect visitor with other users. The system is cloud based and provides the abiliy for users to scan drivers licenses and vehicle registration disks.

Parameter Entry provides clients with a fully integrated digital Access Control solution. PARAMETER ENTRY connects TraffPhix, MTM and VXPinPoint ANPR solutions to provide a turnkey access control management solution, with integration into third party software applications and hardware, such as Sagem readers.

PARAMETER ENTRY uses rugged mobile device technology, with a strong workflow based client. Allowing the user to capture information via scanning the drivers license and/or vehicle registration, capturing pictures/ videos, and quering the drivers or vehicle status. The system automatically detects stolen vehicles, and notifys the back office immediaty.

The system automatically captures the drivers image of the drivers license, and stores that image against his/ her entry record. If a driver does not provide his/ her drivers license, the user can query the system to verify the driver, the system will return an image of the driver with his/ her detaills. PARAMETER ENTRY with the use of VXPinPoint ANPR, can follow the vehicle in the area, and report back to the guard house where the vehicle is at all times. The system will provide images and video as confirmation. PARAMETER ENTRY also support SMS exit, and PinCode exit, where drivers are issued exit codes to be used to exit the property. Using triggers function to open boom gates.

PARAMETER ENTRY hosts a wide range of features, the solution decreased security risks and increased productivity.


- Vehicle Make and Model

- Vehicle Colour

- VIN Number and Engine Number

- Drivers Name, Surname and ID Number

- Drivers Address

- Drivers list of warrants

- Contact Details

- Stolen Vehicles

- Past entries and exits

- RFID/ NFC pass tags

- Blacklist Vehicle or Driver

- Image and Video Evidence

- Tracking and Tracing

- Triggers

- GPS location tracking

- Offsite management

- VXPinPoint ANPR Integration

- Automated access control

- Full vehicle loging and reporting

- Links directly to e-Natis

- Driver/ Vehicle Queries

- Supports onboard warrants database and hosted via wireless

- Driver/ Vehicle Queries

- Automatic warrant upload from the backoffice system

- Speed Board Function

- Secure Cloud based database storage access

- Integratable via API access and SDK

- Custom reports and dashboarding

- Web Based interface for reporting and dashboarding

- Built Wifi, 3G and HSDPA, GPS, Bluetooth and supports ANPR realtime link

- System allows for integration into other backoffice systems, hosted or local and provides integration capabilities via web services or SOAP.

- Direct link to TraffPhix

- Internal fine management

- And much, much more...


• Digital processing, providing a paper-less process

• Increases digital data collection for analysis

• Improving safety

• Forecasting Stats

• Increase awareness, which decreases security risks

• Clean data

• Operations provided the ability to enquire in the field

• PARAMETER ENTRY provides the ability to perform digital tasks in the field.

• The system increase productivity and reduces BackOffice processes.


PARAMETER ENTRY is a cloud based environment structure, which is able to operate over any available network connection. “Host local or via VPN”. The integration management portal allows access to a mobile smart phone, tablets and MTM devices in the field over a secure network. The system hosts a full end-to-end integration layer, which communications to all linked systems and third party environments via different methods. The System allows for third party integration via web services “SOAP”, SDK and message queues.


Quick and Easy visibility of Operational, Financial and Administration Deliverables

Provides access to critical business information blended into an operational blue print, which provides detailed analysis of all silos and aspects of operational performance.

MIS provides structured and decisive information on core aspects of operations, entry/ exits or the visibility of guards in the field or administration operational matters.

Real-Time visibility enables stakeholders to act on statistical information and forecast operational trends on age analysis data.

MIS is accessible to management access security personnel worldwide, which enables stakeholders viewing of Real-Time operational information.

MIS allows for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly comparisons with the use of graphical representations across all spectrums.

MIS is accessible via any mobile or tablet device

CintoBlox provides custom report building, allowing for clients to request any additional reports to be added to the MIS Reports library

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