Transport Hub links ANPR, scanning of drivers license and vehicle disks, RFID and waybill information to manage the flow of vehicle. Transport Hub keeps track of vehicles and container (cargo), and updates courier companies in real-time. Transport Hub makes logistics management easier and more secure.

The Transport Hub Management Solution purpose is to manage, track and report on activities within a high-volume logistics and visitor business. The solution provides electronic visitor management using VXPinPoint ANPR (automatic license plate recognition), Parameter Entry devices, RFID/ NFC access tags, MediaMate Notification Service Panels and Transport Hub Services to integrate into third party systems. Combined under the Transport Hub Management Solution, THMS controls access, provides visibility, pushes real-time notifications and integrates to third party system to provide real-time updates on movement within the business space. The system electronically records visitor data, associates cargo lodging and pickups, tracks vehicle location and movements and informs all parties of active activities, all via a centralized data collection system THMS.



THMS controls management the flow of visitors and vehicles in a transport related environment. The system manages the security protocols, access rights and control management of visitors and vehicles entering a transport/ logistics environment. Transport Hub Management links Parameter Entry to control access and validate security of vehicles and visitors, Parameter Entry uses Transport Hub Services to validate the drivers’ information and vehicles data against security databases such as eNatis. THMS hosts a red flag database, where all previous visits are logged and can be viewed on the Parameter Entry device. The Transport Hub Management Solution pull all the driver’s information including the driver’s image from the driver’s license and stores the data from THMS, including the information from the vehicle registration license disk. Once the vehicle or visitor enters the environment, the system automatically triggers VXPinPoint to monitor the route of the vehicle. VXPinPoint records the vehicles route and determines the time it will take to reach its destination. The Transport Hub Management Solution can automatically inform or automatically print the pending vehicles waybill, and all necessary forms. Required information such as driver and vehicle details can be automatically populated, which will decrease error capture by 100%.

Once the logistic office confirms and dispatches the cargo, MediaMate notification screens display message from the THMS to the driver on route, information such as bay allocation, directions, warnings and more is displayed on large outdoor panels. Drivers follow the route and park in the allocated bay, VXPinPoint monitors the bays and verifies if the correct vehicle is parked in the allocated space, if all is correct THMS notifies the logistic office that a vehicle is ready for loading, if the vehicle has parked in the wrong parking bay the system automatically notifies the administration team and a new bay can be allocated on the system or the vehicle will need to be moved.

THMS monitor the loading and once complete the loading sheet is presented, VXPinPoint then monitors the vehicle from loading bay to exit. On exit Parameter Entry is used to scan the vehicle and driver’s license again, cargo can also be scanned, THMS is notified and the order is closed. VXPinPoint captures images of the vehicle and driver on the yard, all information gathered is linked to the order for future purposes.

Transport Hub Services pulls data from THMS and other management system, can you automatically notify the transport/ logistics company that their vehicle has entered the yard, and also notify them when the load has been delivered and the vehicle has exited the yard with the correct load. Notification can be via SMS, email or direct system integration, a CLOUD based web portal is also available to monitor enter, loading and exit.

Transport Hub Management Solution is a full turnkey application suite that manages processes defined by the business, automatically trigger events and stores all related information for security relate reasons. The system easy to operate and can operate of a CLOUD or standalone environment.

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