Road safety in most countries are managed by government security agencies, such as the police, metro police or traffic officers. These departments are tasked with duties in every safety aspect, with road safety just being one task. To enable officers in the field, departments around the world have started implementing ANPR systems on vehicles and fixed locations. The aim is to reduce road accidents, manage the flow of traffic while reducing traffic jams and to improve the collection of outstanding traffic fines. ANPR systems capture the passing vehicle, the license plate is queried against multiple databases in real time, after which the system will determine if the vehicle is licensed, was the vehicle reported stolen or does the vehicle have a history of bad driving. On further investigation the officer will be able to determine if the number plate matches the vehicle make, model and colour, or if the chassis number matches to engine number and so on. This important information can allow the officers to react to unlicensed or stolen vehicles within seconds. Also the ANPR systems can locate the direction a stolen vehicle is traveling, which will reduce the time taken from reporting to recovering stolen cars.

Traffic departments have shown double digit increases in revenue collection, after the implementation of ANPR vehicles. Our in-vehicle systems are fixed with mobile printers which allow the officers to issue outstanding warrants, reminders, even summons notifications. With higher revenue collections, departments are able spend more on road safety initiatives. ANPR systems, used correctly, will paid for themselves. CintoBlox offers an inexpensive and high quality ANPR system for policing, systems implemented such as the MW series together with the Cinto-Cam system provide rugged, tough and the highest quality ANPR systems available on the market.

An ALPR system from CintoBlox Camera Technology acts as a silent partner in the vehicle, constantly scanning license plates of passed vehicles. When a vehicle of interest is passed, the system can alert the officer and record the time and GPS coordinates when the encounter happened. The system can check several thousand plates in a single shift—far more than the 50-100 typically checked using manual processes. This greatly increases the odds that Vehicles of interest will be spotted and found.

- Links directly to e-Natis to search for stolen vehicles and offender details

- Supports on-board warrants database and hosted via wireless

- Automatic warrant upload from the backoffice system

- ANPR Cameras operates while vehicle is driving over 200km per hour and while the vehicle is standing still

- ANPR Camera units have a built in day/night lens with picture perfect night images and operates in darkness

- CintoBlox ANPR system combines the on-board police computer and touch screen

- Built Wi-Fi, 3G and HSDPA, GPS, Bluetooth and supports ANPR real-time link, which always you to monitor all Camera’ mounted on vehicles from your control room in real-time.

- The on-board screen supports touch and the system hosts a keyboard and mouse in one.

Benefits of ANPR

Road Block System

Revenue collection to low, use the ANPR Roadblock solution from CintoBlox. There are 2 mobile solutions available, one is a roadblock bus setup and the other is a roadblock trailer setup. Both provide the sample functionality.

Each roadblock type (vehicle or trailer) is filled with the following:

• Generator for Power supply

• Mobile Office Setup (Desks, Cupboards and Chairs)

• One Enquires computer

• One ANPR Database server/computer

• ANPR Camera

• Laser Printer

• Cabling/ Locks/ Cash Safe

• VXPinPoint Roadblock System

The ANPR system allows for all warrants to be scanned and hosted in digital format in the ANPR system. Then the camera picks up a vehicle that has outstanding tickets, summons to be issued or a warrant, the system will print out the digital copy on the spot. The digital copy can be provided to the offender as proof and payment can be taken. Regular roadblock operations will increase revenue and enhance road safety.

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