MediaMate Cloud Service

Mediamate is a digital signature platform. digital signature platform is the capability of interacting, communicating, learning, forming a relationship and adapting your signature using the system differentiated analytics, when and if necessary. CintoBlox combined hardware video players and digital signage software to create MediaMate. The system is a true all in one package, there is no longer a need for expensive media players, and compatible digital signage software. MediaMate is a plug and play platform, easy to install, minutes to learn, and provides a full suite of features.

Simple and Easy to use, MediaMate provides a wide range of features, all MediaMate solutions include all features, no more licensing per module. There are only two types of MediaMate units, MediaMate Player and MediaMedia iPlayer. MediaMate iPlayer hosts a built in camera that does facial recognition and reports on the amount of people watching each screen at any given time. The iPlayer count faces watching the screen and reports on the amount of people watching each advertisement, can report on high and low viewing periods and much more.

MediaMate is powered by a host of special abilities...

Facial recognition

- Niche targeting based on gender, age or mood

- Gather information on customer base

- Monitor come backs

- Monitor standing Position of buyers

- Compare to Nielsen data reports

- Can be used as a barcode reader

Motion/ distance sensors

- Trigger playlists based on motion and distance from unit


- Trigger playlists based on item being moved

- Temperature sensing, GPS location Monitoring, humidity sensors

- Content can be automatically changed based on weather or news feeds

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