Designed to assist municipalities/metros in enhancing road safety by increasing officer’s productivity, the system provides a platform for accurate information capturing and speeding up the infringement process. TRAFFPHIX reduces processing costs by introducing traffic administration processes in a managed environment. The system incorporates a wide range of services that assists administrators in processing offences faster and more efficiently.

TRAFFPHIX directly communicates to collection services such as Road Block Assist and Mobile Payments, and increases administration productively by 200%. TRAFFPHIX processes offenders with easy access to their offences, which allows offenders to honor obligations in an effortless manner. CintoBlox designed TRAFFPHIX to provide ease of administration in an easy to use way.

TRAFFPHIX automates offences and guides back office operators though stages. Controlling and managing timelines and expectations throughout the process. The information is processed and managed in the most effect way. Saving time and speeding up operational back office work. Visibility is key, and TRAFFPHIX makes sure that throughout the process nothing is left behind. While making sure that operators and management can see the full picture and smaller pieces in-between. TRAFFPHIX’s processes ensure that offences are processed in the right way, which enhances higher revenue streams because of an effect back office and in the field operations.

Data is a Key aspects of back office operations. Volumes of notices both digital images and handwritten notice (56 or 341) can be subjected to poor control measures and result is a low prosecution rate. Back office operations in some cases fail to measure up to the standards required, and doesn’t support field operations the way it should. Old systems and outdated technology are to blame for poor response times and delays, limited integration capability from most systems doesn’t allow for data wasting or system migrating within departments, sharing would increase the scope of viewing outstanding offences. E.g. Road worth or licencing departments.

TRAFFPHIX manages data at multiply levels, and provides the ability for data sharing. TRAFFPHIX filters and sorts it data efficiently thus allowing the system to act faster and response to 1000’s of queries a seconds. Sharing capabilities push the right data to the right system at the right time. Thus increasing the system footprint and automatically assisting in increasing revenue collection. The system can predetermine the right time to notify offenders of outstanding offences, present offences at self-service station, automatically send WOA’s to roadblock or ANPR vehicles, or summons via the MTM device in the fields. All automatically and from one platform.

TRAFFPHIX provides the ability to predict the behaviour of offender’s payment patterns. Allowing the system to automatically focus on offenders which results in a shorter collection time frame. Notifications is key to driving payment, TRAFFPHIX manages multiply stages of notification over a vast spectrum of media.

TRAFFPHIX is a cloud based environment structure, which is able to operate over any available network connection. “Host local or via VPN”. The integration management portal allows access to a mobile smart phones, tablets and MTM devices in the field over a secure network. TRAFFPHIX hosts a full end-to-end integration layer, which communications to all linked systems and third party environments via different methods. The System allows for third party integration via web services “SOAP”, SDK and message queues. Quick and Easy visibility of Operational, Financial and Administration Deliverables, TRAFFPHIX provides access to critical business information blended into an operational blue print, that provides detailed analysis of all silos and aspects of operational performance. TRAFFPHIX MIS provides structured and decisive information on core aspects of traffic operations, be it the financial income generated or the visibility of operations in the field or administration operational matters. Real-Time visibility enables stakeholders to act on statistical information and forecast operational trends on age analysis data. TRAFFPHIX MIS is accessible to management access security personnel worldwide, which enables stakeholders viewing of Real-Time operational information. TRAFFPHIX MIS allows for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly compaTraffPhixons with the use of graphical representations across all spectrums. TRAFFPHIX MIS is accessible via any mobile or tablet device. Critical Real-Time payments and cashiers balance sheets for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly are available on demand. TRAFFPHIX Reporting Services provides in-depth analytical illustrations of all information recorded by TRAFFPHIX, presented and organized to match the needs of the organisation. TRAFFPHIX Reporting Services Provides : I’st Notice , Billing report ,Violation codes , Queues report , Payment report , WOA Register, Spot Fine Register, Fines recovered , Fines statement , Top Offenders Match, Section 56 Capture, Officer Reports, Fine amounts , Bin statement , Speed report ,Speed range , Book Module Report , Court Reports , Location Codes Reports , GRAP Report for Finance, Case Results Report, Online Payments Reports and much more. CintoBlox provides report builds, allowing for clients to request any additional reports to be added to the TRAFFPHIX MIS Reports library.


- The system provides a full capture screen for section 56/341 forms and queries eNatis.

- The system allows for scanning in a document and capturing the documents on a side by side screen. The system has built in document management.

- Representations

TRAFFPHIX REPRESENTATION PORTAL allows access users the ability to create a REP.

- REP’s can be added by REP Users and Removed by REP SUPS.

- TRAFFPHIX REP Reports provides full audit reports on when and who, added or removed a REP.

- REP’s can be viewed under enquires where everything to do with the offences is available in one view.

- TRAFFPHIX REPRESENTATION PORTAL allows access users the ability to create a REP.

- REP’s can be added by REP Users and Removed by REP SUPS.

- REP LETTERS are sent via a print office or directly to the POST OFFICE for print and post.

- TRAFFPHIX also allows for REP Results to be emailed or SMS’ed.

Court Roll and Court Process

- TRAFFPHIX provides court roll management, and pre-determined trial dates and cases for courts.

- All court rolls are easily accessible by court rolls managers and can be reprinted from anywhere.

- The system also provides a covering court letter with all the information on the front page.

- All court rolls print and reprints are available on the TRAFFPHIX court audit reports.

- TRAFFPHIX provides the ability to schedule court dates, the system automatically moves cases from a public holiday or weekend to next court date.

- In Court Portal, the system allows for adding of court date, court rolls, updates, print/reprint and removing of wrong dates.

- All Court rolls cannot be tampered with after court date.

- The system locks down important data, so not to have inconsistent reports.

- Court Roll Results are captured and management in CASE RESULTS PORTAL.

- Full Court roll audit reports are available in the system.

Payments and Financial Control

- TRAFFPHIX provides the ability for payment capture and electronic payment via banks and Easypay.

- Special Payments are captured via the Ad-Hoc Payments Screen and TRAFFPHIX also provides the ability for Fresh Payments.

- TRAFFPHIX provides end of day reports and daily payment journals.

- TRAFFPHIX payments portal provides full end to end payment functional, and audit reports for all payments and reversals.

- Supervisors have arrange of payment reports available to them.

- TRAFFPHIX provide full control of financial data.

- All reports and dashboards are available on the system.

- Report and Dashboards reflect information in real-time.

- Reports and Dashboards can be accessed via a mobile phone or tablet to secure access users.


- TRAFFPHIX Enquires is a module that allows for enquires and can also link to eNatis and other systems via web services/ batch files for enquires on other systems.

- Enquires provides the ability for companies and individuals to get a detailed summary of all offences listed.

- TRAFFPHIX can also email enquires automatically.

- Manages Bi-Law’s and takes Bi-Law Payments


- TRAFFPHIX provides a wide range of reports within each module.

- Notice Capture

- Image Processing

- Payments

- Camera Mailer

- Etc.

- GIS data is also available and notices along with accident data is plotted.

- On road operations, TRAFFPHIX provides MTM allowing queries to the BackOffice system and eNatis, the device scans driver’s licences and vehicle registration discs and also the camera on it can do ANPR.

- MTM is provided with a mobile print, fines and remembers can be printed on the spot.

- Automatically does SMS and email notification

Captures Accident reports

Call Centre facilitation

Manages the process of all section 56’s or 341 WOA

- TRAFFPHIX provide the functionality of capturing warrant details.

- The system provide warrant tracking and placing.

- TRAFFPHIX also automatically provides scanned warrants and data to ANPR roadblock systems and ANPR in-vehicle system

- Batch warrants can be cancelled.

- Warrant offenders lists are automatically available for top 10/20/50/100/200+ offenders.

- GIS can be used to locate WOA hotspot areas within the TRAFFPHIX system

- Full audit reports can be pulled from the TRAFFPHIX system for WOA.

Image Processing

- TraffPhix Images Processing starts from image upload into the system, verification of images and eNatis, along the process images can be alerted in the event the vehicle is stolen or else. Images are queued and processed and users don’t get to pick and choose. Adjudication process is simple, passed images are posted/ printed immediately.

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